Monday, 8 April 2013

After passing the CCNA, the obvious route seemed to be to head straight in to CCNP. However, my journey is not merely about certification (although this is indeed a goal throughout this process), it is about developing me as an engineer and filling in the gaps in knowledge to make me a better engineer. Better engineers provide added value to services, or at least should do, so the customer gets not only something they can use but something they actually enjoy using.

So the obvious route has not been chosen, I will go for the CCNP but I wanted to concentrate on wi-fi for a while and hopefully pick up a certification as well. I know what you're thinking, CCNA Wireless right? Nope. Any curriculum that is so far behind Cisco's real world product line is a non-starter for me. A friend pointed me to the CWNP website and after reading through the exams and what they test on, I figured it would be a better fit.

So, the plan is to do the CWTS first and I'm giving myself a month of prep time before I sit the exam. Given the amount of family stuff I have going on this month, I think that's going to be tough but no pain no gain right? I know the CWTS is supposed to be a more sales oriented exam but to be honest I don't know many sales types who have this level of knowledge.

My study aids are going to be CBT Nuggets with Micheal Shannon (this is focused on the old exam though, rather than the recent update but hopefully not too outdated) and the official CWTS guide from CWNP. Hopefully enough but I may invest in some practice questions fro the CWNP website nearer the time.

After the CWTS, I'll shift my attention back to CCNP and I must say CCDA looks tempting as well. First things first though...

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